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 - The idea of Hedonism is simple:  To live for your own pleasure and for self gratification.  This is the essence of freedom.  The philosophy is simple, if something causes more good than pain, then it ought to be done.  If something causes more pain than pleasure, then it ought not to be done.  Nation of Hedonism law states that everything is legal, so that we can live our lives without the fear of government approval.  True freedom!  So we can love one another freely :)

National Anthem
 - Bob Marley - One Love
    -- Link to Youtube video

Official Flag

Official Language - English (along with the universal language of mmmhs and ahhs)

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National Dish - Cheezy Potatoes & Broccoli
 - Served with almost every meal
 - Recipe:
  • 1 potato
  • 1 head broccoli
  •  100 grams cheddar cheese
  • 2 tablespoons sour cream
  • 1 tablespoon butter
  • 1L water
Boil water.  Cut potato into 1 centimeter cubes.  Cut broccoli into small bite size pieces.  Cut cheese into small cubes  When water is boiling rapidly, place potato in water and boil 6 minutes.  Add broccoli and boil an additional 6 minutes.  Drain water.  turn heat down to medium low heat.  Place potatoes and broccoli back into pot and add cheese, butter, and sour cream and return to heat.  Stir constantly to ensure that the mix does not burn - until cheese is just melted.  Remove from heat and serve immediately.

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National Holidays:
(ok... Everyday is a holiday around here, but these dates we pay special attention to.  There is at least one holiday per calendar month)

As this is the first day of the Gregorian Calendar, we recognise this day as a holiday and a day of rest





- Jan 6 - KINGS DAY

- Jan 8 - Nortons Day
Nortons Day is a common holiday for micronations around the world. Emperor Norton, a resident of San Francisco, was the only Emperor of the United States.  This role was self proclaimed, and has no official recognition within the United States of America Government.  Micronations around the world proclaim January 8th a National Holiday, as this is the date that Emperor Norton passed away in 1880 at approximately 62 years of age.   <link to Wikipedia page about Norton>

- Jan 29 - Prime Ministers Birthday
This is Peter Grin's birthday, and it is normally celebrated.  While Peter has been known to work other statutory holidays - including Christmas, he religiously celebrates only 2 holidays and his birthday is one of these 2 holidays.

- Feb 14 - Valentines Day
This is a day for lovers.  This is the Nation of Hedonism, and this is a holiday to celebrate

- Mar 17 - St Patricks Day (St Phatties Day)
Wear your green and smoke your lucky charms, its Saint Phatties Day!

- Three days before Easter Sunday - Good Friday
- First Sunday after first full moon in Spring - Easter Sunday
Yes, its Easter Weekend.  Bake your turkey dinner, and be sure to serve the national dish alongside your turkey.  Try serving your ham or turkey with Nation of Hedonism Thimbleberry Fruit Spread instead of cranberry sauce this Easter.

- Apr 20 - International 420
This is the other holiday that Peter Grin religiously celebrates.  The 420 Rally in Vancouver was a small gathering that started in the 1990's.  By 2004, the event had petered out.  Peter Grin decided to change that!  As Peter was running Doobie Central at the time and a full time student at Douglas College, he used both outlets to heavily promote the 420 Rally at the Vancouver Art Gallery, and in turn 200 people showed up.  A table was set up and cannabis was openly vended without harassment from the police.   At 4:20pm, several large blunts were rolled and smoked.  At the end of the rally, a pact was made that each person would come back next year - and bring 10 friends!  Sure enough, in 2005, over 2000 people showed up.  The rest is history!  Over 50,000 people attended the 420 Rally in 2014!  It is the Vancouver 420 Rally that Peter celebrates, and at 4:20pm on April 20th, you will find Peter smoking lots of ganja at the Vancouver 420 Rally.

- Apr 25 - Alice Day
Alice day is named after Alice Lyddell.  It was April 25th, 1856 when Lewis Carroll, the author of "Alice in Wonderland" -  met four year old Alice, sparking a lifelong infatuation with the girl.  Alice in Wonderland is a story about Alice Lyddell (age four) being led down the rabbit hole into an adult world of sex and drugs.

April is Child Abuse Awareness Month!  The Nation of Hedonism is for the legalization of pedophilia because it is against childhood sexual abuse.  No means No, whether you are 3 or 33 years of age.  This being said, children are capable of consenting to sexual activities, contrary to popular belief.

Alice Day is a day for adults who have had positive sexual interactions as a child, where they can stand up and say that they were not victimised as a child.  It is a day for pedophilia pride, for pedophiles to stand up in pride and not be ashamed of their sexuality.

This is your day to wear PINK.  If you are an adult who had a positive sexual relation as a child, or if you are an adult and you have in the past been engaged in a positive sexual relationship with a child, or if you support pedophilia legalization, this is your day to wear your pink shirt with pride!

See Nation of Hedonism and pedohilia below...

- First Saturday of May - Hedonism Day
- May 4 - Star Wars Day
- May 5 - Cinco de Mayo
- Jun 21 - Summer Solstice
- Jul 1 - Cannabis Day
- First weekend of August - Bud DayWeekend
- Sep 11 - Independance Day
- Second Monday in October - Thanksgiving
- Oct 16 - Doobie Central Anniversary
- Oct 31 - Halloween
- Nov 11 - Freedom Day
- Fourth Thursday in November - Second Thanksgiving
- Dec 21 - Winter Solstice
- Dec 24 - Christmas Eve


Nation of Hedonism and pedophilia
It often surprises people when they hear that The Nation of Hedonism is for the worldwide legalization of pedophilia. The Nation of Hedonism believes that we own our own bodies from the time we are born (and not from the time we are an adult). While our parents are here to give us guidance and encouragement, ultimately it is up to us what we do with our own body. This includes what we eat, drink or smoke, what clothes we wear, and who we choose to trust our bodies with sexually.  While we applaud schools, teachers, parents and the government for teaching our kids that they have the RIGHT to say no, the current Prime Minister of The Nation of Hedonism feels that we as a society should also be teaching our kids that they have the RIGHT to say yes.

Children have sexual needs, just like adults, but unlike adults, children have no outlet to relieve their sexual frustration. Here in North America, children are taught at an early age that "playing with yourself is bad" instead of teaching them the appropriate time and place for such play, which is in their own bedroom with the door closed, and to wash their hands afterwords. Children are taught to "just say no" instead of how to "play safe". We teach our children "sex is bad", then wonder why some of our children grow up to become rapists. They are sexually frustrated and emotionally confused - an it's our fault as a society because of what we teach our children about sex.

The Prime Minister of the Nation of Hedonism was sexually active with adults as a child, and he does not feel hurt by his childhood sexual play.  As the Prime Minister of the Nation of Hedonism, I feel that children should be taught that "good touching" is any touching that they like, enjoy, want, and look forward to (including sexual touching) and that "bad touching" is any touching that they do not like, enjoy or look forward to (including sexual touching).

The word "pedophile" means lover of children. When 2 adults fall in love with each other, they do everything in their power to protect the one they love. The same is true with adult/child relationships. Pedophiles genually love the children they are with.  They desire no harm for the child - and would do anything to protect the child they are in love with.

Predators are NOT pedophiles!  Sexual predators view children as "easy prey". A predator has no regard for the person they are attacking. Predators do not love children. People do not intentionally hurt the person they love.  Rape is rape whether you are 3 years of age or 33 years of age!

Because modern society does not teach our children about safe sex but instead teach our kids "sexual touching is bad", sexually abused kids often feel guilty about the abuse they endured. This is often because of the fact that the child enjoyed certain aspects of the sexual relationship. The child has been taught that "all sexual touching is bad", so the child is incapable of distinguishing the good touching from the bad touching. They feel it is "their fault" because they decided to allow the perpetrator certain privileges, and the perpetrator violated that child and took privilages that the child never entitled that adult to.  This emberrases the child to the point where they are too scared to talk about their experience, because after all, they did in fact allow the perpetrator certain things that the child has been taught is "bad". The child does not know that they are not at fault for the bad touching! Because the child is too emberrased to talk about their experience, that child will likely have to endure even more abuse from the person abusing them.

One in 3 children WILL say yes before they become of legal age - and it is usually with someone who is older, wiser, an stronger than the child. This is where sexual activities can become dangerous for a child. Because of societies view regarding childhood sexuality, very few safe and sane people are willing to engage our children with positive sexual activities.  This is because we as adults have been taught that sexual activities with children is bad.

Children who are experiencing negative sexual interactions will regress socially and will not do as well as their peers in school due to their sexual abuse.  This said, kids are capable of engaging in positive sexual relationships. When children are sexually active in a positive sexual relationship, they will develop quicker socially than their peers and will generally do better than their peers in school.  For more on this topic, read The Kinsey Reports <Wikipedia Link>.

The current laws regarding pedophilia have destroyed a number of families and have victimized a number of children around the globe. I have spoken to a number of adults over the years who do not feel victimized by their childhood sexual activities, but still feel victimized by the law, the police, the courts as well as the justice system which was suppose to protect them. If pedophilia were legal, then the police could stop pursuing crimes of enjoyable consensual underage sex and instead use their limited funding resources to persue predators who are in fact hurting children. If this were the case, perhaps a few more predators may make it through the courts and be punished for hurting others, children or otherwise.

Here is 2 links to Youtube videos of former child porn stars who are now - as full grown adults - speaking out in favor of their childhood modeling experiences and against the FBI for the harm and humiliation that they caused the girls.

Former WEBE WEB models Dori and Tory Speak Out

Former WEBE WEB models Lily and Sandi Speak Out Campaign